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Justin Robertson

Justin Roberston has over 23 years experience as an innovator and restless proponent of fascinating forward-thinking music. His rich history is matched only by his tireless need to keep pushing forward, and as a result he remains one of the most relevant and exciting DJ/Producers around, as a whole new generation of electronic enthusiasts will testify. He has also produced and exhibited two collections of his art, with a book and a soundtrack to accompany the latest one.

Justin’s latest musical incarnation as The Deadstock 33s has been garnishing lavish praise from established figures such as Andrew Weatherall and Erol Alkan, as well as a diverse cross-section of fresh talent from Daniel Avery (with whom he has a long standing production partnership) to Eats Everything. With two albums released to widespread critical acclaim, several EPs, for the likes of Gomma, Optimo Music, Tiger Sushi, Southern Fried, Batty Bass, Days Of Being Wild, Clouded Vision  and Join Our Club, and with  a raft of top-notch recent remixes for the likes of Paul Weller, Erol Alkan and Boys Noize, Asphodells, Justice, Klaxons, Stay Bless, Cheval Sombre, Sunshine Underground, Steve Mason, and 2 Bears, Justin shows no sign of slowing down creatively. In September 2015 he released his latest Long Player “Everything is Turbulence” on Skint/BMG, a landmark body of work which was anointed album of the month in both Mixmag and DJ Mag.

Temple Of Wonders

Justin Robertson’s bi- monthly trip around the musical cosmos, digging out hidden gems from the past, present and future. This a real musical trip taking in the psychedelic worlds of world music, dub, Kosmiche, electronica and of course plenty of psych rock. An energetic blend that weaves a hypnotic web of far out fascination.

Around the altar a group of hooded adepts hold long rainbow coloured candles above their heads. They sway in an anti clockwise direction, pivoting round a single figure who is crouched over a wooden casket. The figure is uttering incantations into the box. Smoke begins to rise. As it swirls the smoke solidifies into the unmistakable shapes of humanoid creatures. The creatures are holding weird instruments in their hands. A band has formed from the vapour. They begin to play a tune of unbelievable complexity, every key and tone seems to chime at once. The beautiful harmony of chaos rises in the Temple of Wonders as the adepts dance hand in hand with the ethereal shapes. Together they throw open the doors of the Temple and carry their joy into the city.

The Rotating Institute

Justin Robertson explores the underground caverns of The Rotating Institute to bring you electronic sounds old, new and those yet to be be discovered. Weaving together strands from dancefloor acid to galactic disco, hypnotic electronica to machine boogie, Justin celebrates the diverse paths of vibrant dancefloor culture.

Turn left at the Temple of Wonders and you will find a strange building at the centre of disorientating vortex. The structure itself isn’t really a structure at all, more like a suggestion of a building, shimmering and shifting through the dimensions. From out of this bizarre shapeshifting edifice, hypnotic sounds swirl about. At the core of the vortex sits Justin Robertson, who is pulling levers and tugging on great knotted ropes that lead to a bizarre machine. This exotic happiness engine is the source of the sound. The schematics for its operation were lost eons ago, no-one really knows how the thing works, but Justin seems to be able to operate the device with some dexterity. Justin pulls on the levers marked ‘Electronic wonders, dancefloor rituals and thunderous rave wigglers’. The building morphs into yet another strange pattern and the sound booms out.