Vinyl Sessions

Mamas Gun: Soho Radio Vinyl Session Live Streamed Performance

Author: Soho Radio

In collaboration with Doug Hunt Sound & Light, we made it possible for the British soul band Mamas Gun to be the first group in history to cut a vinyl record live over the internet while isolated in their respective homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spurred on by the recent cancellation of all festivals and concerts, live sound engineer Doug Hunt set out on a mission to bring the joy of live music to the many people currently isolating. After weeks of continuous work and research the fruits of his labours are ready in the form of a revolutionary system that allows a band to play at the same time from different locations without experiencing any latency. 

Vinyl Sessions are an ongoing series at Soho Radio where artists perform live at our studios, as we record the tracks straight to vinyl creating a one-off acetate. The vinyl is then played for the first time, live on air.

This new Vinyl Session configuration will bring a whole new dynamic to our sessions during this time of isolation. The original vinyl of the performance will be sold by auction and 100% of profits donated to NHS Charities Together – more to follow.

Listen back to the radio show below and watch the playback of the live stream from 5 different locations, which was recording live on 29th April 2020.