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DJ Turmix

Since 1989, developing original beats unknown to the masses.

NYC-based DJ Turmix is an spaniard native who has been exciting music fans worldwide with his superb sessions for more than 25 years. He is a vinyl collector and a specialist in 60’s musical styles, from Latin boogaloo, to latin soul and other afrocuban rhythms. Turmix has also been instrumental in the recent latin boogaloo revival in NYC, spinning his extraordinary parties and sets all over the Big Apple, as a collaborator with the famed Fania Records.

At age 13, he fell into his first club session when a DJ left his booth to flirt with a girl, and thus began his lifelong passion for this work.

He began to experiment with the early stages of House music, when the genre was still was not defined as such in Spain, known to fans as the Chicago sound, in 1987. In the same year, he also entered the world of radio and over the next 12 years, he worked on a local program reviewing the history of music in the twentieth century, from the origins of Jazz to the explosion of electronic music in the 90s. and enabling him to acquire a great experience, knowledge and develop professionally into the established DJ he is today.

After 18 years career in Spain and main European Cities, Turmix packed up his vinyl and hit the NYC scene in 2008. In only one year he built great relationships with some of the best local DJ’s and has played a diverse array of clubs, private parties corporate events and festivals like Central Park Summerstage, Lincoln Center Out Of Doors and Midsummer Night Swing among others.

In 2011, he started the monthly “BOOGALOO!” Party a celebratory night dedicated to the 60’s Nuyorican musical style the 2nd Friday of every month with live bands and guest dj’s spinning on vinyl. The US media has taken notice as well. Turmix has received wonderful coverage for his work with latin boogaloo From Associated Press to NPR, Wall Street Journal and NY Times among others.

In addition to specializing in Boogaloo, Turmix also spins sets for the dancefloor that take fans on a journey through disco, boogie and underground house music. His ability to change styles without losing continuity is one of the unique characteristics of his sessions, showcasing his great skills on the turntables.

He has also provided as supervisor, radio host and ocassional remixer, music for movies, short films, theater, broadcast & fashion shows.

Currently resides at Ethyl’s in NYC and can been seen in the documentary ‘WE LIKE IT LIKE THAT, the story of latin boogaloo”.


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