Vinyl Sessions

The Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions Documentary

Author: Soho Radio

The Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions documentary

The first series of our Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions were performed from 2017-2021 at our Great Windmill Street radio studio in London. The Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions are where we host live performances from a huge range of artists, and cut the sessions direct to acetate on our lathe, creating a one-of-a-kind vinyl. We have over 100 of these special performances captured straight to disc.

Now we have our very own compilation showcasing 16 of the live tracks that took place at the station. Together with The Vinyl Factory, all proceeds we make from this comp will go direct to Heart n Soul – an award-winning creative arts company and charity. They believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible.


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Filmed and Edited by Simon Waldron

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