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Soho Radio and Qobuz, the ultimate destination for music lovers seeking high-quality streaming and downloads, have teamed up to bring you Morning Glory with James Endeacott.

The collaboration aims to redefine the way music enthusiasts connect with emerging artists through a series of on-air shows, live sessions, exclusive mixes, and specially curated playlists.


Founded in 2007 and a pioneer in high-quality sound, Qobuz is a music streaming and download platform for anyone who wants to fully experience and share their passion for music. Available in 26 countries around the world, Qobuz offers a range of exclusive editorial content written by a team of experts. With a catalogue of over 100 million tracks, Qobuz also has the richest selection of high-resolution references on the market >>>

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Morning Glory with James Endeacott

Every weekday 9am – 12pm you can catch James on air with his Morning Glory show. Soho Radio’s only daily show, bringing you three hours of eclectic delights to give you a taste of Soho Radio, featuring jazz, soul, rock, reggae, world, pop, country, alternative and more.

The show also features a daily guest mix from an array of record label, artists, musicians and more.

Check out the Morning Glory playlist on Qobuz below to give you a taste of the show.

Live sessions

We’ll be joined by artists in the studio for a series of Qobuz live sessions on Morning Glory.

First up we were joined by Girl Ray who performed Love is Enough and Hold Tight, from their latest album Prestige, out now on Moshi Moshi.

Listen back to the session HERE.

Jack Cooper of Modern Nature joined us in the studio to perform live to celebrate his new record ‘No Fixed Point In Space’ – releasing 29th September on Bella Union.

Listen back to the session HERE.

Chiminyo – drummer and producer based in North London – joined us in the studio to perform live to celebrate his new record ‘NRG 2’ – out now.

Listen back to the session HERE.

Saxophonist and composer Tamar Collocutor treated us to a couple of live tracks in the studio for this Qobuz live session.

Listen back to the session HERE.

London-based jazz musician, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Emma Rawicz joined us in the studio to perform a few tracks for this Qobuz live session.

Listen back to the session HERE.

Iraina Mancini is also a singer/songwriter heavily influenced by her favourite music from the 60’s and 70s, French Pop, Psychedelia, Ye-Ye Girls and Vintage cinema. Listen back to her live performance on Morning Glory for Qobuz HERE.

The Qobuz Sonic Society presents Skip – Stream – Download

Join us for a special review show of some of the best new releases on Qobuz. James will be joined by artists, DJs, and listeners (ie: the Qobuz Sonic Society) to hear new records and discuss whether to skip, stream or download the tracks on Qobuz.

Our first show from the Qobuz Sonic Society features ‘Dillon The Listener’ and Jack Cooper of Modern Nature.

For the second instalment, our host James Endeacott is accompanied by drummer and producer, Chiminyo, alongside ‘Dillon The Listener’. Hear what they have to say about new music selections hand-picked by Qobuz, including tracks from Roger Eno, Laura Misch, boygenius, and more.

Next up – our third episode of ‘Skip-Stream-Download’ where host James Endeacott, regular Dillon The Listener, and featured guest Daisy Goodwin from Heavenly Records share their thoughts on a range of new music, from Pip Blom, Billy Bragg, Fizz and more.

In November, host James Endeacott and regular Dillon The Listener were joined by saxophonist Emma Rawicz to share their thoughts on a range of new music, from Cat Power, Zachary Utz, David Holmes and more.

For the December episode, host James Endeacott and regular Dillon The Listener were joined by singer/songwriter Iraina Mancini to share their thoughts on a range of new music, from Vince Clarke, Kurt Vile, Hot Apple Band and more.

‘Listening With’ mixes on Morning Glory

A series of Qobuz’ Listening With playlists and mixes can be heard regularly on Morning Glory – an hour of tracks hand selected by artists and bands.

Have a listen to The Lemon Twigs selections below.

“This playlist runs the gamut! It’s 90% Beatlesque pop. What else do you want? Get inside our heads!” – The Lemon Twigs.

Yazmin Lacey with a mix of Reggae / Jazz / Soul /Funk / R&B – listen below.

“These songs are favourites of mine, they have each influnced directly or vaguely the creation of this album. The playlist is very much in the sound world I love, 70s, syncopation, good grooves, soulful, heartfelt personal lyrics, and something unexpected.” – Yazmin Lacey.

Singer-songwriter Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes – listen below.

“Having sold over 30,000,000 records with The Black Crowes, singer-songwriter Chris Robinson has also explored more jam-based and softer material with projects New Earth Mud and The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. He has produced records by artists including Mark Olsen & Gary Louris, Thee Hypnotics, Beachwood Sparks and Billy Tibbals and runs his own record label, Silver Arrow.”

To celebrate their latest album release, The Coral have a playlist on Qobuz of some of their favourite tracks – listen below.

“Step right up, it’s the famous Coral Island ‘Holy Joe’s Sea Of Mirrors’ ride.”

Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon with a ‘Listening With’ mix on Qobuz – listen HERE.

“Upon the release of their debut album as Galen & Paul, Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon have put together a selection of tracks for Qobuz that played a part in the inception of ‘Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?’, our brand new Qobuzissime!”

Our very own Dennis Bovell mix on Qobuz – listen HERE.

“Dennis Bovell has earned himself the reputation of being Britain’s Reggae Maestro, from pioneering early developments in the genre over 40 years ago to producing classic hits. He is renowned as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist (playing guitar, bass and keyboards), sound engineer, composer, band leader and producer and continues to lead the UK scene with innovative and adventurous music.”

Record label Moshi Moshi providing a playlist featuring tracks from the artists on their eclectic roster – listen HERE.

“Moshi Moshi Records started off as a hobby in 1998, set up by three friends who wanted to work with the bands they loved. Check out their music offerings here.”

Record label Partisan Records providing a playlist featuring tracks from the artists on their roster – listen HERE.

“Partisan Records is an independent record label with offices in London, Berlin, Los Angeles and New York City, where the company was co-founded in 2007 by Tim Putnam and Ian Wheeler. Partisan has since cultivated an eclectic roster across all genres, prioritising an artist-friendly philosophy, and achieving international acclaim.”

Record label 4AD providing a playlist featuring tracks from the artists on their eclectic roster – listen HERE.

“The influential 4AD label was started in 1980 by music enthusiasts Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent, with help from Beggars Banquet, whose record store chain the pair worked for.”

The wonderful Ash also created a playlist for Qobuz – listen HERE.

“Here’s a playlist of tracks we were listening to while making Race The Night that share some our favourite flavours of rock & punk.”

Matt Berry – listen HERE.

“Matt Berry has released eight incredibly diverse albums with UK independent label Acid Jazz. The tangled-folk rock thickets of Witchazel and Kill The Wolf, the out-there explorations of Music For Insomniacs or Television Themes’ retro-kitsch delights, the twilight grooves of The Small Hours and the classic pedal-steel songwriting of Phantom Birds and the smorgasbord of psychedelic sounds on The Blue Elephant: Berry’s journey has produced a feast for the ears that twists and turns down more unexpected avenues than most artists could manage over several careers. November sees the release of the Simplicity album, a unique collaboration with esteemed Library Music label KPM.”

Listening with The Go! Team – listen below.

“Heres some killer Go! Team favorities that turbo charged inspiration for the new album ‘Get Up Sequences Part2’ From sixties grrl groops to sitar thowdowns and loungey station wagoncore – it spans all the G!T soundworld.”

Listening with Luluc – listen via Qobuz below.

“A small visit down a pathway of artists, singers, songs and bands that forged our shapes and leanings. Have fun. Luluc x”

Label stories – Be With Records.

Be With Records is a reissue record label, specialising in officially licensing and releasing vinyl records that are currently unavailable or never even received a vinyl release. From KPM to Kylie via Korallreven and Kimiko Kasai, the “baffling roster” (to quote Pitchfork) makes perfect sense to Rob and so far it seems to make sense to a few others too.

Listening with David Holmes – listen below.

“Belfast-born David Holmes boasts a formidable CV, with five solo albums and 25 soundtracks to his name. His screen work ranges from Steven Soderbergh’s classic Ocean’s Eleven trilogy and Steve McQueen’s critically acclaimed Hunger, to stylish TV dramas including London Spy and The Fall.

Holmes’ group Unloved have released two LPs, which form the majority of the soundtracks for Killing Eve.Blind On A Galloping Horse is David Holmes’ first album since 2008’s The Holy Pictures.

This playlist features music that inspires David on a daily basis.”

Listening with the Sprints – listen below.

Hi, it’s SPRINTS! Here is what we love, listen to and were inspired by when making our debut album Letter To Self!

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