Frameless Lates

Author: Soho Radio

Join us at Frameless Lates, an immersive after-hours experience set to showcase emerging digital artists, soundtracked by Soho Radio.

The Frameless Lates series will introduce a new creative platform, that offers up a month-long residency to the best of London’s up-and-coming diverse and vibrant digital community in its fifth gallery, ‘Blank Canvas’. Their work will be featured alongside the award-winning digital re-imagination of masterpieces, from the likes of renowned artists from Van Gogh to Rachael Ruysch.

This October’s Frameless Lates – which falls on Friday 13th October, during Frieze London – is set to spotlight Maliha Abidi, the renowned artist, author and speaker who is celebrated for her work dedicated to women’s rights and mental health. Her new immersive show ‘Shifting Shadows: A New Horizon’ will then take up a residency at Frameless until November 23rd. All visitors will be able to experience Maliha’s vibrant storytelling work alongside the four permanent galleries.‘Shifting Shadows: A New Horizon’ is the first showing of this new installation from acclaimed artist Maliha Abidi and is shown at Frameless as part of an immersive display of some of her best-known works. Projected floor to ceiling across three screens the specially sound- scaped work takes its viewers on a boundary-breaking journey. The meticulously crafted animated masterpiece challenges prevailing norms for women in public realms, centered on realities observed from across Pakistan, South Asia and beyond. As you step into this luminous projection, Abidi’s narrative unfolds. She delicately unravels the gendered fabric, shedding light on the scarcity of women in public spaces. Through digital brush strokes, she reveals the enigma of barren public parks, and chai parlours, where safety concerns keep women from being present. Amidst this conversation through this artwork, a transformation emerges. Abidi paints an alternate reality where brown femininity weaves harmoniously into the outdoors, offering and deeply imagining a hopeful tomorrow. A tomorrow where reclamation can take place. “Shifting Shadows: A New Horizon” challenges societal shadows, glimpsing a realm where camaraderie thrives, and invites us to envision public spaces where every woman can feel safe. Until then, we imagine.

Maliha Abidi is a Pakistani-American multidisciplinary artist and author living between London and Los Angeles. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, she migrated to California, United States at the age of 14. As a South Asian immigrant, her experiences play a huge role in her work. Her art focuses on advocating for social justice includingwomen’s rights, girls’ education and mental health. Using bright and bold colours, Maliha hopes to get people interested in complex issues that impact our societies. “Come for the art, stay for the cause.” – Maliha Abidi.

As the UK’s largest permanent immersive art experience, Frameless covers 30,000 square feet beneath the heart of London and is located just steps from Marble Arch. An award-winning multi-sensory and highly Instagram-able, the experience uses the very latest interactive projection technology to break the boundaries of art. Visitors will discover unique interpretations of masterpieces by artists including Van Gogh, Cézanne, Dalí, Kandinsky, Klimt, Monet and Rembrandt.

Soho Radio will be soundtracking your night from 6 – 10pm.

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