Author: Soho Radio

Eric Tchaikovsky is a music guy – he usually connects with the people of Ukraine through his ’Night Light Soundsystem’ radio show, crossing the boarders of music, literature and performance. The war in Ukraine has brought brutal and life altering changes, and Eric and his family made the difficult decision to flee their own home and head into the unknown. Whilst under extreme pressure, Eric still believes in connecting with the world, and sharing his truth as he exposes the harsh realities of the war through his video broadcasts. In the last couple of weeks Eric has documented his journey every step of the way, from feeling the city, hiding in bomb shelters, sleeping in the mountains and escaping to the forest, where he and his family currently reside. 

Introduced to us by Soho Radio’s Greg Foat, in support of Eric and the nation of Ukraine, we’ll be broadcasting Eric’s journey on Soho Radio to raise awareness and funds to aid his escape out of Ukraine. Eric and his family have had flee their home, like so many others, leaving everything behind, and currently have no income. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Eric and his family flee from Ukraine – HERE is the link.

Your donations will be used to help with a temporary place to live, transportation, potential flights, supplies, food, and all their basic needs. Plus, to help with all of their expenses due to the lack of income for the foreseeable future.

Please help by donating if you can. You can hear Eric and his family’s journey on Soho Radio as we get updates from them. Follow us on our social media platforms to find out when they are being broadcast // catch up on the broadcasts below.