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WFH // Soho Radio – 1 hour mixes from our presenters to soundtrack your days working from home.

King Knut presents one hour of piano moods for the lockdown workload. From Messiaen and Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou to Dollar Brand and Mustapha Skandrani, these pieces are especially chosen for their meditative and calming nature. Turn on, tune in. Take a break, look out the window, have a cup of tea.


Kitty Liv – “Here’s a few tunes to keep you company while you’re working from home. They’re a handful of songs we’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to lately, from smooth hip hop to funky soul and blues. Keep on rockin’ from home, Kitty & Lawrensu – Bombay Nights.”


Next up we have B-side Sessions w/ DJ Kobayashi – a selection of tracks from his monthly radio show, feauringt The Bombillas, Trio Ternura, Kutiman + more.


Natalie Elizabeth Weiss – “My WFH vibe is a fairly consistent cycle of hyperproductive/sleepy/anxious/disconnected/reconnected/creative. I’ve woven those fluctuations into this mix, as well as some thoughts about “work” and its relationship to capitalism and identity. I’m rooting for all the folks in lockdown; I hope these tunes are a way we can connect without being physically together.”

Ellis Doig – “For this mix I selected some records that should get you locked into a nice work flow – I find myself most productive at work with some deep, minimal and verging on hypnotic grooves to take me through. Some fresher and more luscious cuts are thrown in to keep the mood positive and the motivation up. Hold tight people.”

Anna Phoebe – “These are the tracks I”m currently listening to, usually on headphones while I take the dog out for a walk to clear my head and get away from staring at the computer screen. Wishing all those listeners who are working from home some chilled positive vibes, and to share the moments of connection we get through music.”

Chris P Cuts – “The tunes in this playlist for me are ‘perfect moments.’ I often find myself lost in instruments but for these couple of hours I wanted to let the words seep in. They help me to escape, and tell the story so much better than I ever could. Every song has the power to bring me to tears. I love a voice that’s on the edge of breaking with passion and the lifetime that’s behind it but the recording seems to tame it somehow within its boundaries. I hope there’s something here you like or you are revisiting a track. I’ve tried to include a spectrum of all the types of music I like to listen to. Let me know which tracks connect with you.”

Jasminfire “I hope you guys are staying warm and inspired :))) The world needs some loving right now, here are some vibes for you to work to!”

J Hoard “In this playlist I shout out my favorite artists and songs that have influenced me as well as songs I’ve written and/or been given an artist feature. The theme for this volume is INSPIRATION – for your heart and your soul.

Jon More – ‘Music To Study By’ – featuring tracks from Cocteau Twins, Mary Lattimore, North Atlantic Drift and more. 


Moof Magazine – “I don’t often play modern music on the MOOF radio show, so I’ve included some current psychedelia I really love from bands such as the Babe Rainbow and Sugar Candy Mountain. I’ve also added some South American psych/funk from the 60s and 70s, amongst lots of other eazy-breezy bits and bobs. This is the sort of thing I listen to when I’m studying from home, I find it helps the time go a little bit quicker. Lockdown and working from home can often feel like Groundhog Day, but I hope the MOOF Magazine WFH mix brings something a little bit different to your listening!”


Houseplants – ‘A Work From Home playlist collectively selected by the Amsterdam and London based crews for Soho Radio.

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