Nordoff Robbins – We Are Listening

Author: Soho Radio

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy charity launches 10-part series ‘We Are Listening’ so people can witness the limitless ways that music can enrich and connect with those with life-limiting illnesses.

We Are Listening aims to challenge and educate people about the vital power of music therapy. Using 10 unique creative talents, each responding to the powerful impact of Nordoff Robbins’ work – the 10-part series will shed light on the limitless ways that music can enrich those with life-limiting illness. We Are Listening was created from the belief that when you truly listen the impact can radically enrich the lives of those who are most vulnerable. 

The campaign will kick off with a live stream event on Thursday 22nd April at 8pm with Reuben James live from Lafayette. Tickets for the live stream can be purchased exclusively through DICE with all money being donated to the Nordoff Robbins’ charity and the incredibly important work they do. 

Tickets for “An Evening with Reuben James” can be purchased here.

Nordoff Robbins’ vision is through the power of music human potential is recognised, witnessed and celebrated regardless of profound disability, illness or social exclusion. It is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to enriching the lives of people affected by life limiting illness.  

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