Author: Soho Radio

Caeba a.k.a. Carla Iannace is an emerging London-based deejay, born in Malta, raised in Rome. Enrolled as a Tonmeister student, she is currently and partially placed at Gearbox Records, as a multidisciplinary helping hand, with an emphasis on the technical aspects of cutting and mastering engineering. Having first come to Soho Radio via the Gearbox Kissaten show, which plays jazz to soul to hip hop, she now cultivates her fixation of music by channeling her infatuation for the underground electronic music scene in her own show.

Carla’s musical tastes are multifaceted: she never limits herself to playing a narrow breadth of genres or styles, and her selection extends from the slowest of bpms to the highest of energies, spanning across almost the entire spectrum of underground dance music. Yet, ultimately, her main focus is to champion tracks that are produced by female, non-binary and transgender artists, as well as ones coming from a diverse set of cultural backgrounds. Her aim is also to use the program as a platform to uplift young, undiscovered and underrepresented producers.

Listen to her first show now.