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Birdwatcher – Fyfe Dangerfield

Channels May Change is a channel, record company & production house founded by Fyfe Dangerfield.

Equally at ease tinkering on charity shop keyboards or scoring for symphony orchestras, Fyfe is perhaps best known for the four albums he released with Guillemots, including 2006’s Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Through the Windowpane’. 

2010 also saw the release of a solo album, ‘Fly Yellow Moon’, drawing the likes of Sir Paul McCartney along to his live shows.

For much of the last decade, though, Dangerfield has chosen to feverishly create his music in private, reconnecting with a spark, a childlike wonderment in music-making – and it was amidst these instinctive twists & turns that Channels May Change was born.

As his new digital home, will exist as a free playground for Fyfe .. a place where everything & anything made for the pure, daft joy of creativity alone can be shared, ready to be sampled by the curious. 

The flagship Channels broadcast to date is the ‘Birdwatcher’ series – a 12-part series of audio episodes, containing a surreal mix of music, songs, sounds and characters .. transmitted weekly, with accompanying artwork, fresh out of the oven as they were made.

In Dangerfield’s own words:

“We share informal photos of ourselves all the time these days, and I feel the need to operate the same way creatively .. to happily show myself in my musical pyjamas, rather than only ever presenting the smartened up “first date” version of myself to the world.

So Channels May Change is a place where the strangest, most oddly-shaped ideas that make no rational sense but still tickle me can reside .. without them feeling like their only option is to have to jostle & hustle for living quarters on a more conventional release. 

And it’s a place where I can let people hear songs, tracks, lyrics as they’re still being written, in their various stages of growth .. instead of this being a process that can only be witnessed behind the studio doors. 

Music is always alive, it’s a living, breathing thing ..and the age we live in now means recordings can capture that fluidity .. there needn’t be only one ‘definitive’ version of an idea .. a work in progress can be its own true delight.“

2021 will see the first release on Channels May Change Records: ‘Birdwatcher’ EP – a handful of tracks from the ‘Birdwatcher’ series, along with a video for its opening track, ‘Woah! Life’. 

A whole other pick’n’mix selection of goodies from the Channels “giant tub of stuff” will then be unveiled throughout the year.


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